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»Reverend Rusty - Live 2015«Reverend Rusty - Live Compilation - Munich - Klangfest Gasteig 2015-05-23
The songs:
Back To The Blues (unreleased)
Voodoo King - featuring Mr. C.P. on tuba
Lonesome Guitar (Album "Born For The Blues")
Preacher Man (Album "Preacher Man")

Reverend Rusty - Live 2015

»Born For The Blues« was released 2014 on the album »Struggle« by Reverend Rusty. This awesome song is dedicated the great late Muddy Waters.

Reverend Rusty - Born For The Blues

»Cooder« was released 2014 on the album »Struggle« by Reverend Rusty. Rusty Stone used a resonator guitar made by Peter Wahl. This tune is dedicated the great Ry Cooder.

Reverend Rusty - Cooder

Am 15. Mai 2015 wurde das neue Video von Reverend Rusty »Let It Flow« vom Album »Struggle« (released 2014) veröffentlicht.

Reverend Rusty - Let It Flow

Reverend Rusty - Roll On

Recordings from the past century

Rusty Stone & The Case - Sunny Monday

"Sunny Monday": An instrumental from the album "The Case - Bluespower" recorded 1989.

Rev. Rusty & The Case - Work For Your Dreams

Once upon a time: 1995! The tune »Work For Your Dreams« from the soldout album »Born For The Blues«!